Product Marketing: Creative Market

How can we help? Creative Market Shop Owners Shop & Product Promotion How does Creative Market promote my products? Updated 5 months ago We actively market products and shops via the following channels: Email Newsletters Creative Market Homepage (Popular Products, Shop Updates, Staff Picks) Free Goods of the Week Blog posts Curated Finds Staff Picks (on the homepage): Our “Staff […]

17 Essential GitHub Repositories for Software Developers

Every developer wants to finish the work assigned to them quickly. No developer wants to keep looking for resources. As developers, we want to work smarter rather than harder. Here’s an amazing list of GitHub repositories that will make your life as a developer easier. I use some of them regularly in my work. 1. […]

5 Common Anti-Patterns in Python

Making analysis results more useful and relevant is one of our primary goals at DeepSource, and we are regularly adding more capabilities to our core analyzers. 1. Not using with to open files When you open a file without the with statement, you need to remember closing the file via calling close() explicitly when finished […]

Feature Prioritization in Different Stages of Product Development

Introduction As a group of researchers at UX studio we tend to seek new methods and ideas that we can share with each other and use to improve our work. This year we’ve made this study method more formal and organized 3-month-long workgroups. We set up topics of interest for each workgroup and 4-5 people […]